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``When people are comfortable about how they look and they feel natural with their look, then they look great,'' says Tori Hartman, fashion consultant.
She encourages women to find their style type -- whether it be sporty, romantic, traditional, classic, dramatic or trendy -- and stick with it.
``Pick the silhouette that best suits your lifestyle and the colors that flatter you.'' You will wear those clothes more and avoid having a closet stuffed with garments you ignore.
Best of all, says Hartman in a telephone interview from Los Angeles, ``You have a very powerful impact when you dress in your style. People remember you.''
Hartman is author of ``Fabulous You! Unlock Your Perfect Personal Style,'' a source book for identifying styles that flatter.
She will be guest fashion commentator at ``Viewpoint ','' the Knoxville Symphony League's Fashion Fantasia, sponsored by Proffitt's, on Tuesday, September 20, at the Radisson Summitt Hill ballroom. Social hour is set for 11 a.m.; the show is to start at noon. Copies of Hartman's fashion guide published by Berkley Books, New York, will be available.
Local models will be dressed in fashions from Proffitt's and will reflect basic styles outlined in Hartman's book. In coordinating the styles for the runway, Proffitt's fashion director Kathy Hall has categorized more than 70 garments into Spectator Sport, Pretty Woman, Garden Gate, Patriot Games and The Lace Is On. Hall explains, ``Fashion Fantasia will be fashion-driven event featuring a very dynamic speaker that will show the audience what is in style for spring and what is most appropriate for their particular lifestyle.''
Hartman says, ``I love the fact that I can make fashion easy for people. All my life, fashion was very difficult for me and I studied it to make it easy.''
With a stature of 5-foot-3, the New Yorker says it was ``next to impossible'' to break into modeling. Hartman's career succeeded in part because the fashion industry awakened to the needs of petite women.
After six years Hartman, 35, moved into fashion consulting. In 1995 she formulated her fashion expertise into a book that appealed to women of all ages. Hartman hails from a show business family and has written for daytime soap operas and appeared in ``All My Children.'' She recently sold her first novel. Now she lives in Los Angeles with her dog Purple.
``Why should I find my style?'' is the question Hartman loves.
``When you are dressed within your style type, you will be more comfortable,'' says Hartman, who calls herself a classic. ``I am just naturally drawn to comfortable clothes that have a touch of elegance.''
Comfort is what dress-down Fridays are all about, but even those fashion statements need definition. ``Save your denim shirt and jeans for weekends. No sneakers -- you want flats. Nothing torn or frayed.''

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